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101, El Shorta Buildings, Autostrad Rd., New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Tel.: + 202 – 27011196 (5lines)
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Panels factory:

6th of October, 3rd industrial zone.


Badr Industrial zone, fourth district, 28A


ELNasr Coke

Group References

Karblaa Kiln Drive (Lafarge Iraq)

Conversion of kiln drive DC drives into Vacon variable frequency drives for kiln FA and Kiln VER

Italcementi Suez SAMI STAR replace into VACON

Sami star old drives were replaced by VACON frequency drives with regeneration for the process fan and separators at Suez line 2

Italcementi Suez GBF

GBF fan Westinghouse DC drive was replaced into Vacon frequency drive complete with the MV breaker, transformer, motor and drive

EMISAL Menzel Motor

Supply and installer for 500kW Motor (MENZEL) to replace the old motor from other brand

RO Water Treatment Plant in Sharmn Sheikh

1000 Cubic meters per day RO Water Treatment Plant in Sharmn Sheikh drive by Vacon

The Aluminum Co. of Egypt (EGYPTALUM) Extrusion Press

Storage Loading Table, Brushing Machine 8 inch, Log gas (LPG) fired heating furnace with tapered heating, hot billet shear, automatic billet loader robot between furnace and press, 2500MT

Lafarge Tasluja ESP

Engineering and supplying of elec equipment and undertake the erection works for the two Cooler ESPs for line FA and line VER

Kattamya ESP and GCT

Complete overhauling of the two LURGI made main electrostatic precipitators including the manufacturing of the six roof beams, replacing of the internals (50%) of the collecting plates and discharging electrodes. Repairing of the ESP casing. Main Gas Conditioning Tower modifications as per FLS requirements included upper and lower screen modifications and installing of gas deflectors.

Torah CM ESP Conversion

¨Conversion of the Cement mills # 7, 8, 12 & 13 ESPs to BF
¨Supply of new fans and screw conveyors
¨Supply of dampers and actuators
¨Automation system modifications

EPAP ESP Conversion to Bag Filter on Turnkey Basis Projects (EIA Scope)

EPAP II Tourah line 8


¨MV panels and modifications in the existing MV system including Power System Study and Harmonics study


¨Transformers including the civil work modifications.


¨Motor Control Centers new supply and modifications in the existing MCCs


¨Motors and new variable speed drives including profibus communications.


¨Earthing and lightening system.


¨MV Cables, control and instrumentation cables and cables accessories.


¨Cable ladders and cable conduits with fixation materials and accessories.


¨Lighting system and LDP


¨Automation and instrumentation systems including the modifications and programming of the new and existing PLC systems.


¨Power system study

Suez plant Conversion Project for line 1

The raw mill baghouse and GBF were converted into Bag Filters

Suez alternative fuel project

Implemting of Suez line 2 alternative fuel project with DI MATTEO

Lafarge Sokhna Plant AF project

25 t/h AF for line 3, enginnering, supplying and erection of electric and automation system