Partial References ​: Electrical System Supply and Erection


Electrical System Supply and Erection

  • Nahda Cement Qena, Elgammal tested and commissioned the ABB coal mill metal clad switchgear 
  • Tourah cement, Elgammal supplied erected and commissioned , ABB MV switchgear for kiln and cooler and LV switchgear for substation 2 and complete installation & startup for Multicont system from Schenck 
  • Lafarge Taslujafor line FA and line VER supply, erect, test and commission of LV Switchboard and Ducati PF Correction with anti harmonic reactor (Detuned)
  • HCC: Elgammal supplied erected and commissioned LV switchgear for DIMATTEO Project in both production lines. 
  • Suez: Elgammal supplied erected and commissioned , MV switchgear for Raw Mill and LV switchgear for KF2