HR & Admin

Elgammal Industrial system Co. main administrative duties include maintaining personnel records, managing HR documents (e.g. employment records and onboarding guides) and updating internal databases. Our ideal candidate has experience with HR procedures and can juggle various administrative tasks in a timely manner. 1. Organize and maintain personnel records
2. Update internal databases (e.g. record sick or maternity leave)
3. Prepare HR documents, like employment contracts and new hire guides
4. Revise company policies
5. Liaise with external partners, like insurance vendors, and ensure legal compliance
6. Create regular reports and presentations on HR metrics (e.g. turnover rates)
7. Answer employees queries about HR-related issues
8. Assist payroll department by providing relevant employee information (e.g. leaves of absence, sick days and work schedules)
9. Arrange travel accommodations and process expense forms
10. Participate in HR projects (e.g. help organize a job fair event)