Projects Under Construction

Kattamya 40,000 cubic meter Kiln feed Bag Filter​

The filter main parts are supplied from Boldrocchi Italy, the filter under startup

​Smart Parking (Garage Roxy)​

Electro mechanical erection for the system sourced from the Korean Supplier MPS as the first smart parking in Egypt can receive 1700 cars

HOT Rolling Mill Roller Tables Upgrade

Upgrade of Egyptalum hot rolling mill roller tables 3&4 from DC Motors into DanfossVacon drive system assembled into switchgear with common mains AC supply section, common rectifier section and a number of drive sections. Each drive section contains an inverter (frequency converter) which is connected to a common DC bus

Vacon NX Common DC bus Cabinet Drive 400V, air-cooled AC drive with Active Front End Supply unit (Low Harmonic Drive solution)

The project include the supply of Siemens PLC S7-1500 with SCADA and interface with the existing old Alstom PLC